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Top 5 Most-Ordered Dishes – Wagamama Delivery

Wagamama plans to launch a spin-off food-to-go brand and roll out further delivery kitchens over the next 12 months, its new owners have said.

In the interim, the organization said the Wagamama conveyance kitchen in Battersea has been effectively trialed and it currently means to take off further conveyance kitchens in the year. It has not unveiled what number of it is hoping to open.

TRG accepts there is huge potential to drive further development at Wagamama, especially as it reliably outflanks the market normal on experience appraisals in the strength of nourishment, comfort, and speed.

It hopes to open between three to four new eateries this year in the UK, just as changing over eight of its current Leisure locales to Wagamama. The eight TRG locales all in all make a “humble” benefit today yet it anticipates that they should create steady EBITDA returns in abundance of half of the expense of money to change over. They are open among August and November 2019.

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Meanwhile, it is also developing its drinks range to help drive higher participation, while its vegan range is being expanded with a new collaboration hero dish ‘Avant Gard’n’, which features a vegan ‘egg’, being launched in partnership with vegan chef Gaz Oakley.

Wagamama Delivery Bestsellers – Browse The Most-Ordered Dishes On The Menu

1. Ebi Katsu

Ebi Katsu

Wagamama’s is a tasty Japanese chain that can be found in several countries in Europe. Ebi Katsu is a Japanese popular dish.


2. Chilli Squid

Chilli Squid

Ching-He Huang’s crispy squid salad for Sainsbury’s magazine is totally addictive.


3. Steamed Chicken (Gyoza)

Steamed Chicken (Gyoza)

Juicy dumplings right out of the donabe at the table. Gyoza Wrappers are dough wrappers used for making Gyoza, which are Japanese stuffed dumplings. They are round, thin sheets of dough made from wheat flour and water. They are thinner than wonton wrappers.


4. Fried Duck (Gyoza)

Fried Duck (Gyoza)


Gyoza, also known as jiaozi, are Chinese dumplings often containing a meat or vegetable filling. Learn to make these delicious little parcels with our step-by-step guide to duck gyoza. Accompanied by a homemade dipping sauce, it’s the perfect dish to entertain friends and ring in the Chinese New Year, 17 Jan 2017.


5. Katsu Curry (Chicken)

Katsu Curry (Chicken)

The name literally means a pork chop, but you can also prepare a tonkatsu with pork tenderloin. The slice of meat is first tenderized with a mallet, then dipped in beaten egg and a little water. It’s then covered with panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) before being plunged into hot oil.


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