• How do I get my invoice?  
    You’ll receive your invoice by email when your order gets confirmed. If not, it could be in your spam folder so please check. You can always ask for your receipt when you collect your order from the takeaway or restaurant. Otherwise email are customer service team, who will be more than happy to help you.


  • How do I know the order has been received?
    You will receive an email confirming that takeaway knight has recieved the order, once the payment is approved and authorised the order goes straight to the takeaway or restaurant, then you will receive a second email and a SMS text stating you order has been accepted and is being prepared, you will also get confirmation of collection time. Finally you will get a third email just to reconfirm the collection time when the order is completed. So you can enjoy the food piping hot just the way you like it. If you cannot see or find the emails please check in your spam folder. Other please contact us using Live Chat or by emailing us at support@takeawayknight.co.uk and we will be happy to help.
  • Can I order from different restaurants in single order?  
    Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. However, if you wish to order food from different restaurants, simply place a new order for each restaurant you wish to purchase from, specifiying collection times that suit you.
  • Something is wrong with my order?
    We have a dedicated customer service team that looks after your entire Takeaway Knight experience from the moment you place an order on our website through to collection. However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. In the rare case that this happens, you can always contact us at support@takeawayknight.co.uk or talk to us on Live Chat and we will do are best to help you.
  • Can I order in advance?
    Yes. You can pre-order for sameday in advance and choose any collection time that suits you, which is within the opening hours of the restaurant. No need to wait or queue up, just collect your food at a time that's best for you.
  • How do I get the exclusive discounts?
    It’s really easy! You place your order, we will make it clear throughout our checkout process just how much you will save and the discount will be automatically deducted before payment. And that’s it, enjoy BIGGER savings using www.takeawayknight.co.uk than most other ordering websites.
  • How do I place and track a order?
    1: Enter your Postcode and browse through for your local takeaways or restaurants to find the food you fancy. 2: Add your food to the order and you will see how much money you will save for each item. 3: Using our secured website pay by using your credit card at checkout. You also see the amazing savings you have just made on your order. 4: Order Confirmation – Once the payment and your order is forwarded you will receive an order confirmation via email. 5: Once you order has been accepted by the restaurant or the takeaway,  you will recieve a second confirmation stating your order is being prepared and confirming collection time. At this point you will not be able to cancel the order, modify or add any extra items. 6: You will receive a third email and SMS text message, once the order is complete and ready to be collcted. Enjoy! Order Tracking –  You can track your order at all stages by login in to your account.
  • Why should I use Takeaway Knight?
    Everybody Loves a Bargain. Right!  Takeaway Knight works in conjunction with your local takeaways and restaurants to offer you, the customer, exclusive discounts on every food item you order, every time, when you collect.     


  • How do I pay?
    You can pay online through our ordering system via website or mobile app. We accept all major credit cards. We take your personal information very seriously - your data is always securely encrypted to ensure maximum protection. Your data will never be shared. We are doing our best to arrange payment using “PAYPAL”, but this is not the case as of yet.
  • Minimum order value?
    The minimum order value is typically from £10.00, however it depends on the Takeaway or Restaurant you order from. Minimum order VALUE is clearly shown on our website.
  • Why we do not accept cash?
    We only take Credit/Debit card payments because it lets us provide you with the best possible experience. Keeping things simple for you, the customer. 


  • Help Your Environment?
    We want to improve the urban environment by replacing noisy, high polluting vehicles such as scooters, motor-bikes, cars and vans with quiet, low impact, eco-friendly electric and pedal assisted bikes.
  • Reduce Air Pollution?  
    Millions of collection and deliveries occurs day and night, using thousands of gas guzzling vehicles that pollute air and harm the environment you, your family and friends live. At Takeawayknight we offer you the choice to collect your order or use our vehicles for pick-up and delivery. Remember do not emit Co2 or any other harmful polluting particles. We only use pedal power and electric vehicles. (in selected area of the city).


  • Always check your order?
    Always check you order before leaving the premises, remember once you have left the restaurant or takeaway premises they will not accept any liabilities for any missing items.  
  • Can I pay Cash on Collection?
    Unfortunately No, before preparing your order we require full credit card payment.
  • Can I Pre-order a collection?
    Yes, Most Restaurants and Takeaways allows you to place a pre-order collection and nominate your required collection time during their opening hours.
  • Make sure you are on-time to collect your order?
    You will be notified by email or text what time your order will ready for collection. You will also be given an order number for extra security. Please insure you are on-time so you can enjoy your meal piping hot. Remember always to check your order is correct before leaving the premises.


  • Restaurants and Takeaways who work with us?
    We work with restaurants and takeways who also care about the ENVIRONMENT and want to reduce AIR POLLUTION for the sake of your family and future generations.
  • Why Choose the restauarant or the takeaway?
    Tap into a range of caring local restaurants and takeaways near you that offers you amazing discounts, giving you the choice to collect your own food order and keep the amazing cash savings for yourself or use some of the savings you have made to get your food delivered with our Eco friendly delivery service.
  • Can I get Restaurants or Takeaways Allergy information?
    We are all here to help you be safe, Firstly, we would ask you to please be careful when choosing your food. In addition, during the ordering process you are given the opportunity to leave a comment for the takeaway or restaurant. Here you should leave a comment for the takeaway or restaurant stating any dietary requirements you may have. To be extra careful we would also suggest that you contact the takeaway or restaurant directly to confirm their receipt of your requirements. You can always use live chat or email: support@takeawayknight.co.uk if you need extra HELP.


  • Who's knocking at your door?
    We will send a Email with the details of the rider, to let you know who is allocated exclusively to pick up and deliver your order. For that Extra security all our staff wear branded uniform and ride ECO FRIENDLY delivery bikes that are easily recognisable.          
  • Do you offer a collection and delivery service?
    We offer a 100% Eco Friendly collection and delivery in selected area of the City. When the service is available you will see this option highlighted on the restaurant and takeaway order area. REMEMBER - we are 100% ZERO emission at the tail pipe. We never use gas guzzling cars, noisy scooters or mopeds that pollute the AIR you and your children breathe.  
  • Where we DO NOT deliver to?
    We DO NOT climb stairs or use lifts to deliver, so please come down to ground floor level reception or door area to pick up your order. You will be informed by us on an estimated time for delivery by email or text, so please be ready. 
  • How is the food delivered?
    Once you place an order for collection and delivery, one of our capable eco friendly Green PODS will head to the takeaway or the restaurant to pick up your meal. Using our all electric fleet of vehicles they will then deliver your order to you,  REMEMBER - we are 100% zero emission at the tail pipe. We never use gas guzzling vehicles like noisy Scooters, Mopeds or Cars that pollute the air you and your children breathe.  


  • Do you need help?
    You can contact us during are opennig hours: 10.30am to 22.30pm (Monday - Sunday). Using Live Chat or by emailing us on support@takeawayknight.co.uk. We are always here to help you and resolve any issues you may have.
  • What kind of savings can I make?
    That's really up to you, OFFERS may vary from Restaurants & Takeaways - So you really get to choose an amazing range of discounts and cusines. Remember you can get up to 30% off!. That's a massive saving of £12.00 on an average FAMILY order worth £40.00 .  SAME RESTAURANT - SAME CHEF- SAME FOOD - ONLY CHEAPER AT TAKEAWAY KNIGHT      
  • Are the listed menu prices the same as those in the restaurant?  
    Almost exclusively, the prices you pay on takeawayknight are the same as what you would pay in the restaurant or takeaway. However, prices may appear different  online as Restaurants and Takeaway menus tend to sometimes be outdated. Our team is working hard to ensure our customers have an identical experience to what they would expect if they were eating in the restaurant itself, both in terms of food quality and price. Do not hesitate to let us know by chat or email us if you notice anything out of place! 
  • What if I have Allergies?
    Firstly, we would ask you to please be careful when choosing your food. In addition, during the ordering process you are given the opportunity to leave a comment for the takeaway or restaurant. Here you should leave a comment for the takeaway or restaurant stating any dietary requirements you may have. To be extra careful we would also suggest that you contact the takeaway or restaurant directly to confirm their receipt of your requirements. The takeaway or restaurant contact information will be given to you once the order has been placed. You can use live chat or email support@takeawayknight.co.uk to get the contact details.
  • Opening Times?
    It depends on the takeaway or restaurant so please check our website www.takeawayknight.co.uk for opening hours, when placing your order.
  • Can I cancel or modify my order?
      Once the payment is authorised and the takeaway or restaurant has accepted your order, then we can neither modify your order, nor cancel it. In the event that you would like to add items to your order, you can simply place a new order and collect at the same time. You can also use our live chat or email us on support@takeawayknight.co.uk and we will do are very best to help with the issue if we can.   
  • There is a mistake or item missing with my order?
    Unfortunately once the order is placed and accepted, the takeaway or the restuarant takes over and we cannot modify any mistakes. We highly recommend that you check your order thoroughly before placing your order. Please be aware that it is your responsibilty to make sure when you collect, that you have received all food items that you have ordered before leaving the takeaway or restaurant premises.  Otherwise you will have to get in touch directly with the takeaway to explain the mistake and see if it is rectifiable. Their contact details are displayed on the final page of the checkout and also on the confirmation email we send to you.
  • What Takeaways and Restaurants are availible to order from?
    Please enter your postcode into our search box and we'll tell you right away. If you can't find your favourite takeaways or restaurants, why not get in touch with us and we'll do everything we can to get them on board. If no takeaways or restaurants appear then unfortunately we may not be in your area yet. But don't worry, as a company we are expanding and hope to be with you shortly.
  • How it works?
    Takeaway Knight get you DISCOUNTS on every time you order! All you need to do is to collect your food piping hot at the time that suit you. You simply enter your postcode, then browse through the takeaways and restaurants in your area that take your fancy. Our easy ordering process means you will have your order placed in no time.