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   Press Release: 21st August 2020


Takeaway Knight serves up innovative new ordering platform & app to local businesses.

Brighton and Hove city has a new online high-street delivery service that is already up and running. Takeaway Knight enables consumers to purchase online from local retailers and restaurants, then have their items delivered to their doorstep using a zero-emission delivery fleet.

The virtual delivery service has local restaurants and retailers lining up, with almost thirty Brighton and Hove City restaurants currently available, including Moyos Burgers, Spice Bros, Al Moosh, Naija Corner, and Delightful Desserts, among others offering great savings.

Takeaway Knight customers can order their favourite food through the website or app right now, while making some fantastic savings on their weekly takeaway.

Takeaway Knight founder Noel Fernando said the platform will help connect customers and local independent restaurants and shops in Brighton and Hove. The partnership with myecoriders, an eco-friendly delivery service, offers customers great savings and efficient eco-friendly delivery all in one.

The past several years we have seen too many monopolistic tech giants damaging our high streets. They do not care or prioritise our children, people, local businesses, or the planet. It has been tough for small family owned restaurants and retailers, with many fighting to continue to exist due to pressure from these big brands, and of course Covid-19 forcing us to change the way we interact and shop.

“Many customers enjoy buying locally, so we wanted to find a way to support the local high street by offering their services virtually in one central place. Takeaway Knight will do just that, while allowing local restaurants and stores the option to deliver to help compete with big brands and offer the efficient service that we now expect from online shopping.”

Noel stated that he hopes to see local restaurants and shops compete with the likes of Deliveroo and Amazon on ease and availability. He thinks with Takeaway Knight, they offer something big brands cannot - a same day zero-emission delivery service, so that local customers can order the best their local stores have to offer, delivered to their door, with great savings, and with no contribution to the carbon footprint. In the case of a restaurant food delivery will be offered within 10 – 15 minutes from pick up, and in the case of retail stores orders, delivery will be within 45 minutes from pick up.

The cost of the Takeaway Knight’s zero emission delivery service is a flat rate of £3.95 if you purchase from a restaurant or retail store.

The start-up company is hoping more local restaurants and retail stores will sign up to the platform and allow the Brighton and Hove public to support their local businesses online.

“With Takeaway Knight offering the best of Brighton, and valuing the city’s value of going green, we hope locals will begin to appreciate their high street and be able to see the uniqueness of Brighton and Hove through one online ordering and delivery service.

Our mission is to help promote local restaurants and shops, cater to local customer’s needs by offering great savings on a wide range of options, while changing the delivery industry through an ethical zero emission delivery service. 

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