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   Press release                                                                                                                                      August 2019


Local business serves up innovative new food ordering app


A new food ordering app and website will bring food from some of Brighton and Hove’s most popular restaurants to dining tables across the city, at discounted prices.

Takeaway Knight, which launches on Sept 12th, is an innovative new service which gives customers control on how much they pay for their food, by offering a choice of discounts up to 40%.

The business is being launched by Brighton based Noel Fernando and Shakil Fakun who have worked in the food industry for over 15 years, supplying print and signs to dozens of food businesses all over the South East.

Noel explained how the pair began researching food delivery services four years ago. “We looked closely at how the takeaway and delivery market was evolving and began to see gaps in the market, particularly where local owned food businesses were concerned,” said Noel.

“We also found that customers were often paying elevated prices for their takeaways, particularly when using various food ordering platforms.”

Noel explained that the reason behind this is that some food ordering app companies charge restaurants up to 35% of the food order. “This charge is often passed onto the customers,” said Noel.

“Our approach is to charge local food businesses just a small commission of the total food bill, leaving them free to offer a range of discounts direct to customers rather than giving it to profiteering food ordering app companies.

“On an average family order of £40 you could save up to 40%, or £16.00 – which is significant savings!”

Noel added that, Takeaway Knight customers will have the option to collect their order with a healthy walk to receive their amazing discounts, or use the business new eco-friendly food delivery service in selected areas throughout Brighton & Hove City.

“Like many people, we are concerned about the climate change and air pollution and the effect that the increase in delivery services is having on our environment,” said Noel.

“We were adamant that our Takeaway Knight delivery service should be 100% eco-friendly, so will be introducing a fleet of bikes, electric bikes and electric scooters that do not pollute the air or the environment your family live and breathe in.” The bikes and scooters will be fitted with specially insulated food boxes.

“With its extensive cycle lane network providing quick and safe travel across the city, Brighton and Hove is the perfect place for an electric bike delivery service,” said Noel who has set a premium delivery radius of 2.0 miles from the food outlet. “We work exclusively for the customer to ensure that food arrives hot and ready to eat.”

To use the service, customers place their orders using the Takeaway Knight app. When their order is confirmed, if food is being delivered, they will receive the name and photograph of the delivery rider and the details of how to track their order. “It’s important that people know who will be arriving at their door, particularly in the evening and late nights,” said Noel.

Takeaway Knight has been welcomed by restaurants across the city with almost 50 Brighton & Hove businesses already signing up to the scheme. They include some of the city’s most popular and top rated restaurants from the Almoosh Grill and Sitar Tandoori, to Al Frono and Subway.

Sam Sen, from the Kebab House in Brighton, BN2 5N, was one of the first to sign up. “As a small local business we were so excited to hear about Takeaway Knight and signed up straight away,” said Sam.

“It’s a scheme which ticks all our boxes, providing us with a fantastic opportunity to increase our customer base and grow our business in a cost-effective way. We were also impressed with the fact that Takeaway Knight will be offering an environmentally friendly delivery service, as this has been a worry for us as a business.

“Takeaway Knight’s exclusive order receiving app allows us to plan ahead as we can see the orders coming in throughout the day and when the food leaves our kitchen, we know it will be collected by customers fresh, hot and ready to eat. So no more bad reviews.

“And, of course, our customers benefit with discounted prices on their favourite food as well as helping the environment and air pollution in Brighton & Hove city. It’s a win-win all round!”

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